What Kind Of Feet To Wear What Kind Of Sandals Is Very Important

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Summer quietly to bring us around, sandals are also surging up, beauty of the mushroom cool there is no discovery, this year's style is extra, are called you pick the eye, have a difficult choice of it?

Summer comes, sandals are every woman must dress up a single product. When choosing sandals, many girls think that as long as the trend will be able to buy a good shoe, wear clothing fashionable style, in fact, this idea completely wrong! Only to recognize their own foot type, which type of sandals best suited to this type of foot, taking into account the current trend of the wind in order to make their feet in this season blooming more charming wind color!

Petite body MM, suitable for a little high degree of sandals, but the height should not be too high, 6 cm below is appropriate. Because the high heel will give a heavy sense, although the overall height increased, but will make your body imbalance, not very good to see Oh.

In addition, the small girls suitable for wearing shoes to reveal the feet, to avoid high-style models, they will once again shorten the proportion of the legs, make you more short.

Feet flesh of the MM, suitable for banded sandals (or Roman sandals), this style can be a good split feet, a lot of visually thin, but also added a feminine feminine and feminine. Not suitable for completely reveal the instep of the style, will highlight your shortcomings, MM please note!

In addition, three-dimensional design, diamond-studded style, simple T-shaped sandals because of the ability to distract the visual, the same suitable for foot fat MM, make you look more generous and more elegant.

The foot of the high (bow foot) MM, suitable for wearing hollow style or can wrap the back of the sandals, shoe the best high, can modify the high back of the problem; high-heeled sandals are also very suitable for you; , Or flat sandals.

In addition, the shoe body has a lot of decorative style should also be the best, which will focus on your feet, but easy to expose the shortcomings!

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