To Meet The Selection Of Consumers

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Many of the 80 still retains this childhood memories: wearing colorful plastic sandals, enjoy playing in the summer. Now, the international first-line brand have launched plastic shoes, but not after 80 had to wear the kind of hard plastic shoes, the material and style are rising level, so that the return of plastic shoes shine.

Summer strong convective weather so that some people embarrassed, wearing leather shoes afraid of flooding, wearing shoes and too stuffy, wearing plastic shoes has become the first choice.

Reporters in the surrounding young women conducted a survey and found that almost everyone has more than two pairs of plastic shoes, such as the toe drag, known as wild classic shoes, many women have two or three pairs of style, Different colors of the toes drag. Shopping malls sales staff said that plastic shoes is not the feeling of cheap shoes, and now many brands are in the plastic material effort, shoes not only breathable, and some also with fragrance, style is very rich, flat shoes, high heels, short boots , The basic can meet the scope of the selection of consumers.

Shop plastic shoe sales volume is amazing, such as this year's network burst Roman plastic shoes, sold thousands of pairs, hundreds of pairs of sellers everywhere.

The luxury brand of plastic shoes is sought-after, many plastic shoes can be used as a luxury brand entry-level merchandise, both full of young, but also with almost the lowest price.

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