Is Simply A Fashion Killer

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Shoes as a measure of girls taste an important single product, many summer girls choose not to wear sandals, because the colorful sandals is simply a fashion killer ah!

We all know the word sandals, although the classic, but the hit shoes rate is very high, too high heel to wear it is not so daily, in the end what sandals can be comfortable and fashionable? It is better to try these four!

Exquisite thin sandals are following the shoes after the popular shoes in the ins red shoes, almost fully highlighted foot type, suitable for fat and thin feet.

If your ankle, calf slim, this pair of shoes is more prominent your advantages, so that your lower body looks very thin and beautiful.

Bold sister can also choose the colored hair ball section of the thin sandals, more fun, with a single product will be very clean look.

T-shaped sandals can be said to be sandals bikini, make your feet look slender slender, and solid than sandals good.

Whether you are fleshy or feet feet, T-shaped sandals are basically able to hold live, with the style is also very diverse, casual wind, holiday wind can be.

T-shaped shoes is the need to clip the shortcomings, wearing a folder of feet drag the girl should be able to get used to,

Cross sandals is the classic section of the sandals, style is not too much of the tricks, but wild is not easy to see the wrong, the focus is comfort is also very strong

Slightly follow the style of a kind of retro feeling, very suitable for light Mature, with wide leg pants, umbrella skirt and other single products are ok.

In fact, it is a thin striped boys version of the boys, bold, widened shoelaces, thick and comfortable soles, but there are some fine small details, wear personality and fashionable.

Although Muller shoes are slippers, but it is the only one can wear school, work slippers, with a formal appearance and a strong gas field.

Summer selection of this slippers is tantamount to a pair of sandals, but with the summer is not limited to summer, wear early autumn no problem!

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