In Order To Reduce Waste When Sewing

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The so-called split flower, that is, to determine a warp color cycle in the color arrangement of the starting and ending position. Its main purpose is: easy to use when the parquet, finishing easy to process, so that the fabric color symmetrical, not on the side.

If the flower is improper, then in the parquet will affect the integrity of the pattern, but also does not meet the principles of economic and practical and beautiful. Such as: a product of its side yarn for the 20 × 2, within the color by the cycle of red 50, yellow 10, white 10 a total of 30 flowers, using the following methods: edge 20, red 50, yellow 10, White 10 ... white 10, side 20 root. The result is arranged as follows: the left side of the red deep, the right side of the white light.

Regardless of foot bar fabric or lattice fabric in the sewing, the sliver or lattice will be biased to one side, damage the appearance of the fabric effect, if the red half as a starting point, the arrangement method to: 20, red 24, yellow 10 roots, white 10 ... white 10, red 26, 20 side. When the red half hour, each side has 25, on the reed inconvenience, so to 24 side, the other 26 side. Patterns arranged in this way, can make the fabric on both sides of the early symmetrical shape or approximate symmetrical shape, can increase the appearance of the fabric effect.

Textile clever flower position should be selected in the yarn number of yarn, light color, the organization more closely. Specific considerations are as follows:

(1) Regardless of whether the whole flower is an integer or a subtractive or subtractive, the splitting of the flower is usually done in a relatively large white or light-colored pattern, and the two sides are arranged symmetrically or as symmetrical to keep the fabric neat and Easy to parquet.

(2) the integrity of the requirements of higher varieties of flowers, such as cloth, etc., the design should consider the product width and flower plastic size of the relationship. Such as a single cloth, in order to facilitate the two-piece fight, the total number of flowers should be an integer. Domestic women line it to spend the whole scattered to disperse as well, if the addition and subtraction should be minimized in order to reduce waste in the sewing.

(3) cleavage should be considered when the characteristics of the organization, for the organization of loose jacquard cloth, satin and bubble yarn bubble part of the wick and the flowers from the flower warp yarns can not be close to the edge. That can not be used as the starting point of the flower, should be about 1.1.5cm from the cloth edge of the plain or pattern. Because these organizations are longer floating or longer structure, weaving is easy to cause curling, or pull the edge of the yarn pull off, resulting in unclear opening or edge defect, but also in the finishing tenter when the folder was easy to clip The When you can not meet the above requirements, may be appropriate to increase the number of edge yarn (such as the original side of the yarn with 48, can be increased to 56 rice).

(4) split flower as much as possible in the light-colored parts or large parts of the grid. Because the dark yarn dyeing, re-dyeing more, weaving on the cloth when easy to break the head.

(5) cleave flowers and cloth edge close to the cloth body color, should be the same or similar cloth edge, this will make the appearance of the fabric consistent effect.

(6) clever flowers should pay attention to the machine when the number of dents to wear. If the number of people wearing 2 into. The number of warp yarns on each side must be double. Such as light blue 70, cut flowers after each side of 35, inconvenience to wear reed, should be changed to 34 side, the other side of 36.

If the number of people wearing 3, the red 39 total 13 reed teeth, cleavage should be divided into 6 reed and 7 reed, that is, each side of 18 and 21 yarn.

(7) cleavage flowers should avoid the towel line, knot line as a starting point, because the shuttle into the shed, the opening height is small, with a towel line, knot line as a starting point, the friction increased, breaking the fire increased.

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