Bow Style And Diverse, Different Colors, Different Materials

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Bow, and can be called concentric knot, shape resembles butterflies.

China 's long cultural precipitation so that the Chinese knot through the unique Chinese, pure cultural essence, rich in rich cultural heritage. Embodies the ancient Chinese cultural beliefs and rich religious colors, embodies the pursuit of true, good, beautiful good wishes.

Knot words, we connected with the ancestral thoughts; knot words, so that we are interlinked with the ancients. It can be described as: days are not old, hard enough, heart like double screen, there are thousands. Bow as an important decorative techniques, once again will be elegant and extreme presentation.

Girls keen on the bow, not only because of its meaning, but also because of its beautiful wear, showing the woman's soft and elegant.

Bow style and diverse, different colors, different materials, show different temperament.

In the summer, let us find their own bow, dress is not old girl heart.

China has a long history, its history throughout the history of mankind, long cultural precipitation makes the Chinese knot infiltration of the Chinese nation unique, pure cultural essence, rich in rich cultural heritage. "Rope" and "God" homophonic, Chinese culture in the formation stage, once worshiped the rope. According to the written records: "Nu Wa lead rope in the mud, give thought." And because of the rope like the blue song of the snake dragon, the Chinese people are the descendants of the dragon, the image of the dragon, in the prehistoric times, To reflect. "Knot" is also a sign of strength, harmony, full of emotional words, whether it is a combination of knot, knot, unity, the results, or knot husband and wife, Yongjie concentric, "knot" gives a reunion, intimacy, Warm beauty "knot" and "Kyrgyzstan" homophonic, "Kyrgyzstan" has a rich and colorful content, blessing, Lu, Shou, hi, financial, security, Kang all belong to the category of Kyrgyzstan. "Kyrgyzstan" is the eternal pursuit of human theme, "knot" this vitality of the folk art is also natural as the essence of traditional Chinese culture, flourishing long-term planning, spread so far.

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