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- Sep 08, 2017 -

In the 1940s, the United States first made shoes with polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). In the mid-1950s, the first double injection plastic shoes came out in France. 1960 Shanghai Shengde Plastic Factory in China's first production of plastic shoes. 70 plastic shoes to become one of the major footwear.   

Plastic shoes popular, and then the big brand launch shopping bag boom, environmental protection is the main reason. Many plastic shoes in the shoe when the 99% recyclable PVC material as the main raw material, as well as polyethylene (PE), ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), using extrusion, injection molding and multi-station Turntable molding and other special processing technology to enhance its firmness, and to pay attention to ergonomic last mold development, making plastic shoes compared to leather shoes, more practical and more environmentally friendly.  

Plastic shoes are no longer the pursuit of "bend shape" of the contrived and deliberately, relaxed, naturally became the international fashion industry keywords. At the same time, the domestic fashion people also began to pursue low-cost but not cheap "grass-roots dress." These products may be cheaper than other brands of these products a lot cheaper. In advocating environmental protection, green life background, but more time    

Current Situation and Prospect of Domestic Plastic Shoes Industry    

This time the plastic shoes can be described as a wave of income can not be received, many international big names have introduced a different color and style of plastic shoes. Chanel plastic camellia shoes priced at up to 2800 yuan, Gucci's flat plastic shoes even if the discount is sold for more than 1,000 yuan. And the domestic plastic shoes industry is how it?

China's plastic shoes industry is still mainly in the face of low-end market. Although in recent years, after industrial restructuring, China's plastic shoes industry, the overall level of technology and product development capabilities have been greatly improved. In the research and development of plastic shoes, most enterprises have the ability of independent innovation, but according to China's light industrial handicrafts Chamber of Commerce footwear branch of the research shows that China's comprehensive selection of plastic footwear products only 5.9%, mid-range 32.9% Down to 61.2%. Guangdong is still the main export of low-grade plastic shoes, which accounted for the largest export volume of low-grade plastic shoes in April before the average price of exports or even down to 1.7 US dollars per pair, the yuan less than 12 yuan  

In the application of raw materials, the Chinese plastic shoes to help surface material application has been formed to PVC plastic-based, natural leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather and coated fabric materials simultaneously situation. In the application of raw materials for plastic shoes, the demand for plastic shoes is lightweight, healthy and beautiful and personalized, in the other collaterals, plastic shoes in the transparent bottom and light-colored bottom of the proportion of rising. With the emergence of nano-materials, such as nano-zinc oxide, nano-antibacterial materials, has been in the field of plastic shoes to carry out the application of research, and some have achieved results. In the process route and equipment technology, electronic computer technology has entered the plastic shoe design, molding and business management and other fields. In the plastic shoe molding technology, the traditional hot-pressing process is still dominant, and in the world of footwear industry has a very high level, is now moving towards multi-species, innovative development.    

Plastic footwear industry's key core technology is mainly raw material formula and mold design technology control, including the production process of the special process. Plastic shoes in the production process of waste plastics can not be biodegradable, incineration, but also pollute the environment, a plagued the plastics industry manufacturing enterprises outstanding problems. How to make waste plastic recycling, and let the defective plastic shoes recycling, after several analysis, for the characteristics of waste plastics, respectively, different circumstances for processing.   

The global economic crisis, so that we see the plastic footwear exports of "Chinese factors" the rise of hope. After the era of economic crisis is the best time to reorganize and adjust the industrial structure. With the industrial structure adjustment and economic growth mode change, the enterprise's core technology development capability in a leading position, will China's plastic shoe industry to open up a new way to sustainable development, become an inexhaustible source.

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