With excellent oxidative stability

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Stainless steel decorative chain by the chain plate, chain pin, sleeve and other components. Other types of chain is only the chain plate according to different needs to do a different change, and some in the chain plate with scraper, and some in the chain plate mounted on the bearing, and in the chain plate installed on the wheel and so on, These are for the application in different applications for the conversion.

A: has excellent permeability to the chain, the lubrication roller and sprocket is relatively easy, but lubrication chain shaft and sleeve is more difficult. Because the gap between the shaft and the sleeve is very small, and completely belong to the open environmental conditions. If there is no good permeability of lubricating oil, it can not penetrate into the shaft and the inside of the sleeve, it can not lubricate the shaft and the sleeve.

B: to have an excellent adhesion chain in the run, due to the role of high speed, the oil will be detached. Low-speed lubricants due to the role of gravity will drop. All of which will not only pollute the environment and products, but also cause a lot of waste. So the lubricants to have a good adhesion, can firmly adhere to the friction surface, and not because of various effects off.

C: with excellent lubrication performance One of the role of lubricating oil is lubrication, but the chain in the operation because of different effects, the lubricating oil will be more demanding lubrication performance, especially those heavy load and impact under the conditions of the chain , The extreme pressure on the anti-wear requirements of the higher, so the general chain of lubricants are very attention to this requirement.

D: with excellent oxidation stability Usually chain drive is working in the exposed environment, so the chain of lubricants

E: has a very small evaporation loss rate

F: has a good ability to resist the outside world

G: has a pollution-free characteristics

H: has the smallest carbon deposition tendency

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