What is shoe flower ?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

What is shoe flower ?

Shoe flowers and corsages generally refer to a kind of ornament similar to the present situation of flowers used on women's shoes. Its raw materials are generally composed of leather, chiffon, mesh, non-woven fabric, linen, acrylic, ABS and other materials.


The appearance of the shoes is beautiful and elegant, with various styles and bright colors. It is loved by women. Therefore, it is widely used to decorate women's sandals, herringbone slippers, high-heeled shoes, boots, etc. It can also be used to decorate women's bags.

Production process

1. The raw materials such as leather and PU are accurately color-matched according to the needs; 2. The leather and PU, etc., which are lustrously adjusted, are punched into the petals of the flowers on the high-pressure punching machine; 3. The petals are artificially combined into the shape of the flowers. ; 4. Inlaid diamonds and hardware on the flowers.

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