Superior performance and environmental concepts

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Since the beginning of this century, China TPU due to the shoe, rubber roller, roller, pipe, adhesive, synthetic leather, melt spinning ammonia film and other fields of great application market, in addition to domestic R & D manufacturers, Europe and the United States, The region has been in the domestic plant production, 2015 China TPU industry scale continued to show a big trend, as of 2015 the total domestic production capacity of TPU has reached 455,000 tons, the actual output in 2015 about 286,900 tons, from the effective Capacity of the actual operating rate of view to reach about 60%, China has gradually become the world's largest TPU production and consumption. With the development of society and technological progress, TPU because of its superior performance and environmental protection concepts are increasingly popular in the daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields are widely used, halogen-free flame retardant tpu can also replace the soft Quality pvc to meet the environmental requirements of more and more areas. tpu brand brand number, uneven quality, choose tpu best after a detailed assessment of the argument, or can not get the best cost-effective results. Below the daily chemical network Xiaobian to bring you a simple understanding of understanding TPU products it!

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) is a kind of linear polymer block polymer made by reaction of MDI containing NCO functional group with POLYOL and 1.4BG containing OH functional group. It is a kind of (AB) n-type block linear polymer, A is a high molecular weight (1000-6000) polyester or polyether, B is a diol containing 2-12 straight chain carbon atoms, and the chemical structure between AB segments is a diisocyanate, usually Is an MDI connection. The thermoplastic polyurethane rubber is crosslinked by intermolecular hydrogen bonds or between the macromolecular chains, and the two cross-linked structures are reversible as the temperature increases or decreases. In the molten state or solution state, the intermolecular force is weakened, and after cooling or solvent evaporation, there is strong intermolecular force connected together to restore the performance of the original solid. TPU is a material containing a -NH-COO- group in the molecule. The long chain diol and the isocyanate component form a soft segment. The short bond and the isocyanate component form a hard segment. Many of the TPU properties depend on the long chain binary The type of alcohol, the hardness of the hard segment to do the proportion of regulation, its photoaging can be added light stabilizer to be improved, but also depends on the isocyanate is aromatic or aliphatic.

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