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- Sep 11, 2017 -

It is felt that people are not enough shoes, and even some rustic. In fact, this two years of grass slope wedge hot, very suitable for want to create elegant pastoral style girl, especially in summer, regardless of shopping or travel, slope heels can give you not the same comfort and fashion experience The Let us take a look at the following with the wedge shoes with the skills it!

Wedge shoes with Comments: summer wear seven points or N pants, especially the trousers curling style, in addition to show your delicate slender ankle, but also the legs and beautiful upper exposed all exposed. Coupled with a pair of leisure wedge shoes, legs can be elongated straight line, so that your posture more graceful and moving.

Wedge heel with Comments: Because the hot pants themselves exquisite sexy and feminine, and only exposed the thin legs, matched with a pair of charming slope heels, both sexy and easy to walk, do not want to be no electricity.

Wedge heel with Comments: suitable for tall girls, can learn from San Mao or Qi Yu. Do not worry about the short legs, wedges to give you the height can make you confidently like the gypsies like to walk the Quartet.

Wedge heel with Comments: wedge shoes with knee jeans or beige skirt is a good choice for vacation, and if the wedge shoes with silk flowers skirt, will wear clothing tropical island holiday. In addition, the horse at the end of the silk upper shoes can be with a beautiful skirt skirt, but also a sense of full of holiday.

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