​How to use the most beautiful shoes flower for hole shoes?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

How to use the most beautiful shoes flower for hole shoes?

Hole shoes have been a hot shoe for the past two years. Now it's time to get on the street in summer, whether it's fashionable girls, casual men, or children. Almost everyone has a plastic. Hole shoes.

Hole shoes had just been introduced when there is no hole in the shoe shoes, but because the hole shoes design a lot of small holes, and the shoes will be inserted after the flower will beautify and make the shoes colorful and changeable role, Therefore, many fashion girls who love diy love personality are loved and promoted. There are many styles of shoes for shoes in the hole. Generally speaking, there are designs for flowers, animals, and home objects. You must purchase them according to your preferences. Hole shoes shoes flowers is not recommended to place too much, one is to put too many holes shoes shoes flowers will cause inconvenience to the cleaning of the shoes. The other is that the simple style of the hole shoes itself will be burdened by too much burden, destroying the overall concise feeling.


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