Has good physical properties and chemical properties

- Sep 08, 2017 -

PVC soles are usually produced by hot extrusion.

Hot extrusion PVC melt round bar is used in two series of extruder, the first extruder mainly from the plasticizing effect, after a plasticized PVC material directly into the second extruder, further plastic and squeeze Into a round bar. Round bar in accordance with the size of the soles cut into a certain length of the rod, quickly into the shoe mold, the use of cold pressing molding, stripping made after the soles. Two series of extruder temperature: the first: feeding section 150 ~ 155 ℃, the material section 160 ~ 165 ℃. The second: feeding section 165 ~ 170 ℃, the middle of 170 ~ 175 ℃, the discharge section 175 ~ 180 ℃. Cold pressure holding time of 2 to 2.5 minutes. Foam soles should pay attention to the use of foaming agent ACR-530 with foaming agent AC.

PVC soles are generally divided into two types. One is made of soft PVC kneading, adding the right amount of foaming agent made of sheet, foam molding into foam, made of foam PVC soles; the other is the use of injection molding machine with a variety of molds PVC soles.

PVC soles have good physical and chemical properties. It can be said from the intuitive point of view of plastic materials, characterized by light, strong gloss, but the lack of texture.

PVC injection foam sandals

(1) Ingredients, kneading: According to the formula weighing PVC resin and various additives, mixed in high-speed mixer, 100 ~ 110 ℃ or so, into the cooling mixer, cooling to 50 ℃ below the material.

(2) granulation: extruder feeding section, compression section, homogenization section temperature were 130 ℃, 120 ℃, 105 ℃. Particles generally do not require adequate plasticization, in particular, does not allow particles inside the foam phenomenon.

(3) injection molding: PVC foam sandals injection molding with two open method, the purpose is to ensure that the soles of the shoe foam and do not foam. Production of foam shoes is best to use rotary disc injection molding machine, a multi-mode machine (8 or 10 mold), in order to ensure quality and improve production efficiency. Outsole mold foam control in the 4 ~ 5mm. Medium, small mold foam control in the 2 ~ 4mm. Molding temperature: feeding zone 150 ~ 160 ℃, the middle 165 ~ 170 ℃, the lower 140 ~ 150 ℃. Injection molding temperature control appropriate or not, a direct impact on the foam shoe expansion ratio, stereotypes about 60 ~ 70s or so, the specific time to determine the size of the shoe, each pair of shoes production cycle of about 150s.

(4) paint polishing: PVC injection foam shoes biggest drawback is the upper surface roughness, to be surface modification. That is, the surface of the shoe painting. Paint is made from polyurethane varnish, cyclohexanone, butyl acetate, or commercially available polyurethane varnish. The operation was carried out in three steps, i.e., sprayed, polished and dried (60 ° C).

, High boots (miners shoes, rain boots)

PVC high boots injection molding process and PVC plastic sandals are basically the same, just before the injection of some differences. High boots before injection, in the shoe last on the first set of complete (to help and the bottom of the seam together) trip cloth, and then mold, injection of PVC material in the mold, so that PVC material and trip in the shoe On the glue into one, to be demolded after a complete high boots. Finally, in the long boots in the bottom of a layer of thick polyethylene foam sheet cut from the bottom of the pad.

Molded foam slippers

As the slippers soles and upper for the two parts, the upper choice is very large, PVC upper (shoes climbing) is generally non-foam, and plastic sandals can be used the same process injection molding. Here only the molding foam sole production process to explain.

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