Flat shoes can also wear clothing slender legs and tall body both the visual sense

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Flat shoes can be said to be a woman "love and complain" a single product, and both love it's comfortable, but also complain that it can not be elongated high. But now as long as the election on the flat shoes, 160cm can also wear into 170cm

In the fashion circle, we all tacit began to take off high heels, put on a pair of comfortable flat shoes, and in the street shooting style in the unobtrusive fashionable steal the mirror

We are not supermodel-like nine head, but it can correctly use to wear to "grow tall", even if the petite, fashionable flat shoes can wear clothing slender legs and tall body of both visual

Horizontal pointed shoes can wear high-heeled shoes elegant and charming, but also comfortable to wear fashionable, but also can modify the feet, people look very slender both visual sense, but also extend the leg lines, can be said flat bottom Shoes is simply petite figure of choice.

We all know that V-type can be significantly significantly thin, in addition to clothes on the V-neck can be significantly significantly thin, with the mouth of the foot can also be designed to fill the length of the foot to the legs, to create a "smooth and complete" visual effect is V The ultimate goal of shoes.

Close to the color of the flat shoes can be said to be the most wild show legs long, the most able to blur the boundaries of shoes and legs, so that your legs long in the vision to be fully extended to extend the effect to the extreme, to create a long leg Both vision.

Waist line can be said to affect the proportion of the body the most important factor, because the improper position of the waist will make your whole body imbalance, even tall tall, dry waist position will be instantly become Hobei people. So for the little guy's dry mushrooms, it is very important to build a correct waistline! Daily wear as much as possible to choose a high waist single product, with a pair of flat shoes can make you both waist and was significantly

Summer is the skirt shorts of the world, and these as long as simple with flat shoes can build big legs. Choose the high waist in the thigh waist hot pants, a pair of flat shoes can create big legs, and a high waist skirt can still wear out the gorgeous big legs

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