Can show the elegance of women

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Can buy a pair of nice and comfortable shoes is simply too difficult, sandals are also divided into many kinds of material is not the same, and some shoes look good but wear a long time for a special injury, let's talk about today, what shoes are wearing health is not hurt ~

Thick shoes than high-heeled shoes comfortable, but also look tall, but it is even more than fine sandals more easily hurt, is one of the most hurt shoes.

Because it may harm the joints, ligaments, bones and other parts. As the soles are too thick, it is easy to walk when the body leaning forward and lose center of gravity, sprained foot joints, foot bones or ligaments.

High heels hurt feet, then choose flat shoes it, with pencil pants are also very fashionable. But now some designers to the soles of the design is too thin, wearing a beautiful, but for a long time, this soles of the floor can not stand.

This type of shoe heel is too low, the soles are too thin, the foot of the moment the body weight up to 60% of the weight are pressure in the heel, the road to go more, upload the momentum will cause ankle, knee, hip and waist And other parts of the pain. A long time will accelerate the plantar ligament and bone tissue degradation, so that the first foot to grow old, causing heel pain.

Hate days high shoes will destroy the heel of the support point to the ankle instability, naturally easy to fall big somersault. In addition, it is also easy to cause the thumb toe local bursitis, and even cause the toe valgus.

Of course, high-heeled sandals can show women's elegant temperament, so may wish to choose about 3 cm of the heel, not only can be scattered to prevent and reduce the impact of pain, but also reduce the starting pressure.

Beautiful band wrapped around the ankle, set off the legs of the girls more and more beautiful, around the young colleagues also have a lot of choice of this shoe, with colorful clothes, it is attractive to people's attention.

This kind of shoes compared to the previous few, the damage to the foot lighter, its problem is that the lace is not easy to grasp the tightness, the tape is not tight, when the wear and tear before and after the skid, tied too tight, then wear A long time, will make the foot blood circulation is poor.

The seaside is the most popular place of footwear, such as Southeast Asia and other tropical countries, both men and women feet a pair of all kinds of clamps like the popular dragons, almost make this kind of shoes in the local become a cultural symbol.

When wearing a word drag, people rely on the strength of the toes to drive the shoes forward. Toes for a long time unconsciously taut, and was curled up to grab the soles, easy to make the tendon under the toe strain, and even nerve inflammation.

Moreover, the word flip only in the shoes before the place where there are two belts, the strength of the back of the soles of the feet, a long time, but also make the heel of the skin hardened. So a short time can wear, a long time will become a killer killer.

Comfortable foot shoes, there is a standard, according to the side to find, you can find a pair of beautiful and suitable sandals.

Soles to be soft and flexible to disperse the impact, not too thick, like the end of the tendon sounds like a little soil, but the shoes light, very comfortable to wear.

Shoes can not press the instep, the upper should have enough height.

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