Beautifully distributed youthful vitality

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Summer to summer, summer is also the most highlight your fashionable skill of the time, open your wardrobe to see if it has been ready for this summer? Hot summer, dress shorts popular, many girls want to have beautiful long legs, high-profile show the body, then the existence of high heels can help you with less. Stretch the proportion of legs, a move out of the legs long!

We must have seen countless stars to go red carpet, on the high street stepping on a pair of words with sandals, the word with high-heeled sandals, the principle is very simple, ankle instep of a thin belt style most favored, it will make The whole shape looks a lot of light, while the maximum degree of elongated leg ratio. The key is simple and elegant, take what are good ah!

Today's high heels is no longer as hard as before, a large block on the foot, but pay more attention to its sense of design and line sense, whether it is color design or heel shape height, should show a beautiful "S" shape. Fashion people have in the summer streets to wear metal and jewelry on the feet - shiny design so that shoes look more refined and more compact, see here you are not already waiting to be "chop"

We watched Cinderella's fairy tale movies can not help but sigh, Cinderella in the movie crystal shoes is so beautiful, crystal shoes, although the United States, but the whole crystal material plus 13 cm heel can not wear, even the gray girl feet The pair is also a special effect to do it. Fairy tale high heels do not know how many girls captured the heart, but the designers do not seem so to create a dream of a girl again and again.

In the twinkling of an eye in April is coming soon, and soon to usher in the crush of the most heart of the summer, cool summer, to abandon the winter thick coat, wear exposed arms and legs of the clothes skirt, enjoy your charm! Of course, the beauty of the magic weapon is the time to debut, although there are a lot of crush will plan a small holiday "refreshing" travel, but really attracted beauty of the show is still behind! A pair of high-heeled shoes sandals affect the Qiao feet, showing the soft curves, magnificent distribution of youthful vitality!

A pair of gold high-heeled sandals sweet charm is simply no limit, it's every time the debut will be full of freshness, thick fashion taste even if the screen can feel, who wear pride! Refused to be an ordinary passers-by, it is necessary to step out of the glittering pace! There is a sister that nowadays when the summer, if the bare leg or will feel the slightest chill, is not there the best partner stockings? Who says stockings with high-heeled sandals to dregs?

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